Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The "b" be done

She's all done.
I wonder what she's reading? "The Secret Life of Bees?" "to be or not to be ..."?

She's about 6 x 6, Prismacolors and Polychromos on Stonehenge.

I'm really enjoying going back to this style. Its more time-consuming, yes. But like I said, its who I really am as an artist. And life's too short to waste doing art that's not from the heart.


Constance McLennan said...

Adorable. Welcome back.

black bear cabin said...

I LOVE it!!! Shes adorable! :)

CC said...

BEE yourself!!

I couldn't agree with you more.
Life is too short.

Lovely letter B art.

spina said...

Ooooo.... She turned out crazy good! She looks like a very cool and hip, grooving, sophisticated storyteller/poet type, in the '50s coffeehouse, sunglasses worn inside, snapping fingers instead of applauding' vein. I wonder what she's reading... maybe excerpts from Kerouac's On the Road....? Super good work Paula. Yep this style is your passion; one can SEE it in the work. Bravo!

P.S. Yes, life is too short to waste time, so always eat dessert first! :)

Meisie said...

She is very cute indeed!

Paula Pertile said...

Thanks everybody!

Janet Pantry said...

Fabulous Bee Paula! Only you could draw a bee in such a fun and witty way. I love how you did her legs (chuckle). So nice to see you work those cps again :)

Elizabeth Seaver said...

I love your bee!