Monday, September 13, 2010

WIP - "b"

This is what's on my board. The letter "b".
So far this is just Prismas, but I will be adding some Polychromos to flesh it out some. I'm going back to my colored pencils for my children's book work, since that is what I love to do. I went down the digital path there a while back, and am satisfied that if someone asks me for a digital style, I can deliver. But the 'real me' is this.

There are lots of 'b' things in the picture, a lot of which you can't make out at this stage. That's a bumblebee sitting on the edge of a basket of berries (blue and black); she's wearing ballet slippers and bifocals and a beaded bracelet, and is reading a book; and of course there's that big blue bow going around the basket.

Better get back to work - bye!


Arild said...

Hi there!
Are you the author of this book?
The picture looks very nice, as usual!

Meisie said...

this looks very promising!

btw I love your weekly kitty pics :D

spina said...

This is very cute, Paula. I love the ballet slippers/toe shoes. Was confused by the 'more than two' legs, but thought it was adorable that they all had toe shoes on. But then reread the blog and realized that she's a BEE (i.e., she has more than two legs). How very sweet! Do bumblebees 'do' ballet? I think they absolutely do! Love the WIPs. Very instructional for novices like me! Can't wait to see with Polychromos!