Sunday, October 28, 2012

More art for sale

Had to get the dust rag out for my poor blog here. Figured I'd better post something, anything, just to keep things going. Its amazing how much time goes by before you realize "hey! I haven't blogged in forever."

I decided to list a few more (OK, quite a few more) pieces on etsy. Prints, and originals too.

There's some picture book art ~

Mad Cats

Cozy Quilt

Bedtime Story

and some dark ones too, just for fun ~

Dark Nutcracker

And also some food, of course ~

Not From Around Here

and especially chocolate ~

Heath Bar

Chocolate Buttercream

there can never be too much chocolate ~

Hazelnut Truffle

Tootsie Roll

Slo Poke

I've done more than these, and there are more queued up to be listed over the next few days. Christmas is coming, and I figure people might want to give some nice art for presents. Hope so, anyway. I'm sure I could squeeze in a commission or two before then, so if you're thinking of giving an original piece of art, please give me a holler!
I also have some drawings of yarn and knitting, which I'm thinking of putting in the knitting shop, just to jazz it up over there a bit. {{ In my free time. }}

As I write this, that horrible Frankenstorm is threatening the East Coast. I shudder just thinking about it. Praying everyone will be safe and sound, and all the critters too. Its been lovely here, with just the right amount of sun, and just cool enough at night for cozy jammies and blanket. And a cat or two. 


TLampert said...

Love those "Mad Cats" - so much personality! Survived Hurricane Sandy here in VA - lots of rain & wind. Could have been much worse. Thoughts go to those up North!

Katherine Thomas said...

Ooh, I love all of these. You work just brings the biggest happiest smiles to one's face. I especially love the bedtime piece.