Monday, July 30, 2012

Taffys - another Un-Still Life

I can't stop ...

Taffys  © Paula Pertile
8 x 10, colored pencils on paper

(This scan needs a bit of cleaning up on one edge, but I went ahead and posted it anyway.)

These are so much fun! I liked the idea of them raining down, and one going on through the paper. I hope it reads that way, rather than just a half of one sitting there on the bottom of the page.

I'm looking forward to doing more of these, now that I have my feet wet with this idea. Maybe some larger pieces? I usually work pretty small. I think something like this, LARGE, would be pretty cool on someone's wall, yes? (If you are such a person, and would like to commission me to do something for you, please don't be shy!)


Sarah Melling said...

Well, as I mentioned on FB, it absolutely looks like it's going thru the "floor"! I wanted to as that what I really like about this series is the combination of things that are realistically rendered, but with an unrealistic twist that says "I'm a drawing!"

Katherine Thomas said...

The rain series is such a great idea! My favorite is the root painting!