Thursday, August 02, 2012

Summer Pops, another Un-Still Life

Summer Pops, © Paula Pertile
8 x 10, colored pencils on paper

This one is less un-still than the others, but since they're all floating or levitating, or in mid-flight upwards, I figure its still 'un-still'. We'll call this one Quietly UnStill (should un-still be hyphenated, or not? grammar gurus?).

These are obviously Tootsie Pops. But I did them just a little bit abstract rather than hyper realistic. I can do hyper real, and have in the past, but when I had these transferred to the paper to start on them I just couldn't make myself do it. In fact, I almost left them as a flat pattern, with shadows, which looked kind of cool, but then decided to render some form after all. Maybe I'll play with that idea in future pieces, since I see these going in a more conceptual direction.

I'm also getting more wary of doing super real interpretations of product logos - it can get you into trouble (unless the company has hired you to do the art). Even Andy had some trouble with his soup cans. So if you look closely, nowhere on these can you actually see the Tootsie Pop logo, really. Aaaaalmost, but not quite. I also took out some of the fussier small type. (OK, I confess that I just didn't want to do all that type, there was no higher motivation at work.)

So anyways. There it is.

I have to switch over to some other kinds of work for a bit now.

(The originals of all these new pieces are in my etsy shop
And prints are available at FineArtAmerica, if you're interested.) 

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Leslie Hawes said...

You are sooo talented!