Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Another Un-Still Life

 ~ that is still without a proper title.

Untitled Un-Still Life, © Paula Pertile
8 x 10, colored pencils on paper

These are Red Velvet Pluots and Black Plums. They were so beautiful in the store, in all their purpley splendor, I had to buy them. And now I've drawn this and don't know what to call it.

Ascending Orbs? Something Uprising? Floating Red Velvet Pluots and Black Plums?  Yeah, no.
It'll come to me. 

A fun part of these new pieces is taking reference. I have to be a little creative. I obviously can't tell the fruit "OK, now float up a little ... a little more ... plum, move right a little ... OK, THERE ... "click". (Or maybe that IS what I do, bwah haha). I'll never tell.

Anyways. I'm always a little giddy after finishing a piece. Now I'm off to eat something chocolate and see who they put through on America's Got Talent.


Katherine Thomas said...

Oh wow... this is exquisite... I love it!
Paula, are you coming to the convention next week in Cincinnati? I'll be there in the hospitality suite.

Virginia Allyn said...

How about Plummet?

Paula Pertile said...

Thank you Katherine!
No, I'm not going to the convention. I'm sure I'll be missing a good time! Hope you have fun! Can't wait to see the winners.

Thanks for the suggestion Gin. You're in good company - a couple of people on FB have suggested "Plummeting". Someone else suggested "Purple Rain", which I'm kind of leaning toward at the moment.

Teresa Mallen said...

Simply gorgeous!!! Good luck with the title. Purple Rain works for me.

TLampert said...

These are soo beautiful!! I saw figs and plums today at the grocery and thought "Paula Pertile's illustrations give so much life to these little fruits."

Thumbs up on Purple Rain Title. :)

Sarah Melling said...

Ooooh, I like plummet or plummeting too! This is simply gorgeous,'ve captured that sort of frosted translucence of their skins so beautifully.

Koosje Koene said...

you are right to be giddy! This is absolutely stunning!