Sunday, May 15, 2011

Boys will be boys

This is what's on the board. Those three brats are soooo busted, and they don't know it yet. Enjoy your moment boys, because in about two seconds you're going to turn around and face the music!

I'm deciding how to do the finish. Digital I think. But digital line and flat color? Or digital colored pencil? Line and flat color would go waaaay faster. But I do want to develop the digital colored pencil style too. Decisions, decisions.

I scanned in my original drawing (that was done on paper with a pencil - I still start that way), then reworked it with the wacom. Funny, the hardest thing was getting the horizontal lines of the tables and benches right. I used the 'line tool' in Photoshop, but each line is a separate layer, which can't be erased, so you have to flatten them down first, which is annoying. I'm sure there's a way around that, in the "all the stuff you haven't figured out in Photoshop yet" manual. Which I will get around to reading one of these days. Maybe.

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Gin said...

Do you ever use the grid function?