Saturday, May 21, 2011


I finally received my order of Fabriano Hot Press paper and took it out for a spin. I like it, but its an adjustment from using more 'toothy' paper. It goes 'smooth' way faster - which is not a bad thing, but its definitely something to be aware of and plan for in a drawing.

This little crouton was done with Polychromos, and the bulk of it was done grinding the pigment into an already smooth surface.

I want to do a series of these little guys, and this is my practice one. I may have to change my technique a bit, or work in less layers - or something. I'll figure it out.

This week was very much about practicing and experimenting. I did a bit of that with some digital drawing as well.  Last post I had a rough sketch of an illustration ~

Then I fiddled with different drawing textures and pen sizes and styles a bit with my wacom and pen.

I changed the proportions of some of the characters as well as facial expressions.

This one's a really squiggly nervous line.

I'm not sold on any of them, really, although I like the 'life' in the last one. What I do like is knowing that I can actually draw now on the computer, and have to say its pretty cool. It soooo nice to not waste umpteen sheets of tracing paper, retracing and redrawing. But now I just have to figure out a good 'finish' technique. I do know how to do my colored pencil 'look', but I think that's overkill, to be honest.

So that's where I am this week. Lots of things in the planning stages. Lots.
My first magnolia bloomed, which is awesome.
And the world didn't end today so that's a good thing.


Sarah Melling said...

Very cool! I'd love to get into digital drawing but I'm afraid I'd disappear into my office never to be seen again; the infinite number of variables overwhelms my brain. But being able to change colors, not having to scan, tempting.

Was half-hoping for the least there'd have been 6 months of peace and quiet without the wackos before the rest of us sinners have to go! :)

CC said...

Love it... first "Eye Candy".
Next, your crackers.
Now toast?

Too much!!

Love peeking into your work. An inspiration.


Susan Charlotte said...

It’s great to see your process. I’m enjoying experimenting with digital sketching using a graphics tablet. It certainly is more precise than using the mouse.The hand-writing recognition function is a neat tool, but is not doing much for my typing speed. And, I can also voice record notes to myself, which I don’t really need to do, but it is fun.