Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Working on a commission I'm not at liberty to show, so meanwhile, I'll show you other stuff ~

I received my order of botanical art books - whee! Can't WAIT to sit with these and gorge myself on the beautiful art within.

I have some framed art that I'm a) trying to photograph properly to sell and b) trying to decide whether to redo the backing on or not. These are framed prints that were selling in a shop here (which has closed), and the backs are not sealed up with paper, ala gallery framing. They were purposely done that way, since people sometimes wanted to switch out a print to put it in a different frame. I'm trying to decide whether to upgrade that, or leave them as is, before putting them up in the etsy shop. "As is" would fetch a lower price, so methinks that might be the safest way to go. Still mulling.

I also joined and uploaded some art to Fine Art America. I love the stretched canvas option they have.

Have also been fiddling with my online shops and am updating my whole shopping page, so lots of 'behind the scenes' stuff going on. I did list the originals of the cracker drawings for sale (unframed) if you're interested. The frames I had ordered that I thought would be perfect for them, aren't (grrrrr...), so they're going solo.

And for now, its back to the drawing board for me ~

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