Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cinnamon Graham

Another one finished. All Prismas, 8 x 8 inches.

These are the 4 in the series that look best together I think.

I'm going to do some prints, and will frame the originals.

I just picked up some framed art and prints and cards that I had in a shop here that has, sadly, closed. Another victim of the bad economy. Sigh. So I may put them up in my etsy shop. Some have fancy frames, ooh la la. I will share pics when I do.

Meanwhile, I'm enjoying Spring, and all that's blooming in my yard - jasmine, lilacs, irises, azaleas, daisies and roses. Ahhhhhh.


CC said...

Your crackers are wonderful..
I love how you manage to provoke so much interest in such an ordinary subject.
The 4 cracker pic could also be a terrific design for an oversized picture. How cool would it be to hang in a dining room over a buffet? Or printed as placemats or napkins...... hmmmmmm.

Patrick Girouard said...

May I suggest a glass of milk to accompany the graham cracker?

Vicki Greene said...

Love your work Paula!

Katherine Thomas said...

I love this group! It's so creative and so well done! Congratulations!