Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cheese and Graham

The cheese cracker is finished ~

and a graham cracker is in progress.

I'm purposely using generic brands of crackers for these. So the cheese cracker isn't a Cheez-It, the round butter cracker is not a Ritz, etc. I'm keeping my options open in case I ever have the opportunity to draw something for one of the major brands.

These generic cinnamon grahams have a slightly different 'finish' than the ones I'm used to, and although they have a 'break' scored down the middle, they don't break nicely (I had to break several, and then of course eat them, before I figured out I wasn't going to get a nice clean edge.) So I just went with it, and did one broken.

I'm exited about an idea I have of doing larger pieces, sort of botanical and sort of architectural, combined. I've had it incubating for a while, and think its time I just started. I've just ordered some botanical illustration books - by Ann Swan, Wendy Hollender and Rosie Martin. (I intended to just order the Ann Swan book, then Amazon had a "frequently bought together" link with the others, so I got them all, and got free shipping as well!) So can't wait to get those.

Meanwhile, back to the graham cracker ...


CC said...

LOVE them.
Especially the broken graham.

Sarah Melling said...

Love the graham cracker! (But it's kind of calling out for you to draw a toasted marshmallow and a chocolate bar piece to go with it, don't you think? Or maybe that's just my stomach growling...)

Katherine Thomas said...

You have the most interesting subjects! They crack me up! Ha!
Wonderful work!

spina said...

Oooo... the cheese cracker looks good, 'good enough to eat!' Yeah, that looks like a cinnamon graham (nice cinnamon 'flecks' and I love the overall, more 'cinnamon-y' looking reddish color, very subtle, but noticeable).

These 'crackers' are wonderful; I think they're very captivating. I can totally see three or five, in a grouping, in the kitchen. How cute would that be?

And your taffy looks GREAT in that Treasury. There are several 'taffies' in that Treasury, but yours is the only one that seems to have some 'oomph' to it, some 'personality.'

Keep up the excellent work! You GO, girl! And enjoy the weekend; it's actually going to be WARM here. Yay!

Anonymous said...'ve made me smile! I love these! Whimsical, just because of the unexpected nature of the subjects.You DO have a way with pencils!