Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tip for working on thick board, and more crackers

Here's a little something I like to do when working on thick paper or board - in this case, really really thick (not sure what the ply is - 10?) illustration board ~

I take a piece of the same illustration board I'm doing the art on, and make a window the size (plus a hair) of what I'm working on. In this case, the window is 8 x 8, plus a little bit, just so its not super tight. This way, I can rest my hand on the surrounding surface comfortably, and don't have that annoying 'edge' always getting in the way. I HATE THAT. It doesn't take much to annoy me, so anything I can do to make things nicer, the better.

This system also keeps one from having to hold the edge of the board, and is nifty when one wants to color all the way to the edges. With these, even though the illustration board is white, I'm still doing a layer of white Polychromo on the background to give it the same texture as the rest of the piece. Fussy, I know.

This is a cheese cracker, in progress.

And here below is a finished toasted sesame cracker (you may have already seen it, since I put it on Facebook the other day.)

The frames arrived today. Why, when they say "whitewashed", are they not actually whitewashed? I suppose that description is open to interpretation. The picture on the website looked 'whiter'. Ah, well. I'll frame up a couple and see how they look. Maybe they'll be fine.


Gillian said...

Good tip, thank you.

Your cracker looks so real I could eat it!

spina said...

Yum! These DO look good enough to eat! And you got my favorite in, already, RITZ! I also like Keebler (I think they're Keebler...) Town House crackers. Oval, more white-ish, like the soda cracker. Yummy.... I can't decide, either, about the background. I like the red/rose color, but you're right, you really need to pump up the saltine's color with that red. And I like the white background too. Can't wait to see more; the Rye Crisp (Krisp??) sounds interesting.... Enjoy the upcoming, highly anticipated (at least around here...) WARM weather that's being predicted!