Thursday, April 21, 2011


Here are two wildly different Eastery images to at least acknowledge the holiday. Neither is new, but its the best I can do.

This was a card for NobleWorks a while back. I actually re-purposed the image from another larger illustration I did, adding the grass and a few other Eastery touches.

And this mango just looked like an Easter egg to me, so I kept going with the colors and took it all the way.
Its colored pencil on illustration board.

I boiled eggs today and am starting to put my baskets together.
Hope you all have a nice holiday (if you celebrate it). Otherwise, have a happy weekend!


Sarah Melling said...

I'm always impressed at your ability to do such different styles so well. Love that "Easter egg mango",

spina said...

Happy Easter and Happy Earth Day to you, too, Paula! Love the crackers, have always loved this mango (they're beautiful anyway, and you've captured the colors perfectly...), love the 'royalty.' Kind of appropriate seeins' how we seem to be in for a ROYAL wedding soon (I'm SO over it.... and the TV coverage hasn't really even started yet.... arrrggghhh!). Extensive ear rubs to kitties, say hello and happy Easter to your ma from me, and big hugs to you! .sp

Katherine Thomas said...

I love the colors in this egg! Happy Easter to you too!