Thursday, January 13, 2011

Custom Postage Stamps

Did you know you can have custom stamps made at Zazzle with your art? Its pretty cool. I'm thinking of getting some done to match some art I'm doing for a mailer. Not sure how 'matchy-matchy' I want to get with it, but if I decide to go that route, its nice to know I have the option.

Here are some of the stamps I've made for my shop ~

The art you submit has to be approved by some behind the scenes official US postal person. I had a couple of my images rejected - the Twix Mini and 3 Musketeers Mini candy pieces, because they were obviously (now I know - duh) too copyright infringey, being realistic renderings of logos. So be warned. Anything too risque or otherwise deemed unsuitable to pass through the mail on a stamp will also be turned down. But if you have art that you want to show off, its a fun way to do it!

You don't have to have a whole shop there to make stamps (or any product) for yourself.

I've been working on both this shop and my new one on Cafe Press. That's for another post, maybe. Not today. I have to get back to the drawing board.
Oh! but I will mention that I made a new set of Little Square Cards - a Valentine Collection.
They're up in the etsy shop.

Its gloomy and cold and very "January" today. The kitties are all tucked in for their afternoon naps, and I'm off to make some fresh coffee and draw.
Bye for now ~


CC said...


I did a stamp for my brother a few years ago from a photo he took of a praying mantis. He LOVED it!

This gives me some ideas.....
Good luck with these. They are lovely. The USPS should buy some of these.... make that ALL of these. OOOXXX

Patti said...

These are so cute!

spina said...

How cute are these stamps...? The 'sardine kitty' works GREAT there. Well, really, ALL of them work really well! And the little cards for Valentine's Day; they are perfect! 'Adorable cute.'

Looks like you're off to a great start in this new year! Happy New Year to you and kitties!