Monday, November 01, 2010

Plaid Season

Now that Halloween is over, we can really get into the part of Fall I love. Today I pulled out my Indian corn, preserved Fall leaves and cedar and little pine cones and decorated up the house. I love this time of year, its like New Year's to me. I get a real battery re-charge when the air gets a bit chilly, sweaters come out of hiding, and rich plaids appear. I go all funny over a nice Pendleton wool plaid anything, and collect 'fat quarters' of cotton and flannel plaids. Once when I was gushing over some stack of holiday plaid squares I'd just bought, my Mom asked "what are you going to do with them?" and I said "just look at them, for inspiration". (insert raised eyebrow look here)

These two pieces were painted with watercolor. They're roughly based on actual clan tartans - with good bit of artistic license thrown in! The 'decorative side' of me could just sit and paint this kind of thing all day long.

So Happy Plaid Season everyone! - just remember to wear them responsibly.


Visions & Verses said...

I know the raised eyebrow look oh, so well!

I love plaid and fall as well. Someone reminded me of cinnamon scented pinecones and a thrill went up my spine! Enjoy the colors and the plaids!!

CC said...

I have always loved this time of year. I am happiest with socks, a jacket or sweater and cool crisp air.

Also, wanted to tell you, I stopped at D. Blicks the other day and bought several Stonehenge pads. The sales guy was also
extravagant in his ravings about this paper.
Stay tuned.

SYLVIANE said...

I love your plaids!

spina said...

Oh MAN... We have to wear the plaids RESPONSIBLY. Boooo... I'm just trying to get to the point where I can wear a cozy sweater, seeins' how it's been about 90 degrees for us all week. Highly unusual weather here at the coast.

These plaids are quite lovely, Paula. Such vivid colors, such intricate patterns, and yes, so 'snuggly' and comforting to look at. I think they're VERY inspirational.

'Shmoop' looks like he's really concentrating on that paw contortionist thing. Contort safely, Shmoopie!

Happy Fall!