Thursday, October 28, 2010


Once you open the bag, you just can't stop.
This one is fitting, since I'm kind of a slo-poke myself about some things.

This is all Prismacolors. Getting the right color is always a fun challenge. For that darker shadow color on the yellow, I ended up using some of the putty colors as well as a grey, a violet and a couple of yellows. With yellow its always a challenge to not make green or something else you don't want, when you mix something with it. More so than other colors I've found. Usually I trust my gut and go for it - not very scientific or professional sounding! Sometimes I make a little scribble on a separate piece of paper as I go along to mimic what I'm doing on the actual piece, and test the color I'm thinking of doing next to see what it will do. But not always.

I really do have to shift gears into some other work now, but I will try to get some prints of these candy pieces done and in the etsy shop over the next week.

This one is for sale.
Bye for now ~


Jeanette said...

I like this one a lot and you're right, getting yellow to turn out as it should it quite a challenge. It does have a tendency to want to go green for me when I add shadows.

All your candy pieces are visual treats.

Fay Akers said...

I always enjoy your candy as it is calorie free.