Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Twizzler and Tootsie Roll

A dentist's dream. More sugar!

I had fun doing this one! And have been eating a lot of Twizzlers since that package was opened - they're not individually wrapped so can't be handed out on Halloween. Can't let them go to waste you know.
This was a commission, and is not for sale.

This was fun too. I love how Tootsie Rolls come in this size, the "foot long hot dog" size (well, that's what I call those long skinny ones) and the jumbo super-size. This one is for sale.

Both pieces were done with Prismacolors and Polychromos on Stonehenge.

May do just one more, then have to shift gears for Christmas. Its the start of "burn the candle at both ends" season. I'll be shifting into painting for some new pieces, so that should be a fun change of pace. I'm working on art for licensing and have a commission to do some card images, and I will be 'thinking' something other than candy! I think that's a good thing.


Gillian said...

I love the soft look of these - so dreamy - perfect for the subject matter. x

Liza Woodruff said...

So beautiful. That would be a dangerous still life for me. :)

Anonymous said...

I love your coloured pencil work. The way you use colour is especially lovely, as it gives your subject matter so much depth. How do you choose what colours to use?

Ann said...

These are beautiful! They glow.