Saturday, November 06, 2010

Ugh, computers

... they can make you cry.

I'm having an "I can't open Photoshop" issue at the moment (which no doubt has something to do with the new printer I set up yesterday). Long story short, tomorrow someone will be here in person to sit down in front of this machine and tinker with things, which I hope is more successful than the poor online tech help people who have been walking me through steps of opening folders, deleting, uninstalling, testing, ad nauseum that you'll be familiar with if you've ever had something like this happen to you).

I'm grateful that I at least have the internet and mail! - but no Photoshop is like not having lights or running water to an artist these days. One can scan in images, but not open them up or print them out. Or if one actually does their work using Photoshop, its much more dire a situation. Thankfully I can still use my colored pencils, but am a little shocked at my own dependence on this one program!

So I thought I'd better post something, just in case (knock wood) more things crash and burn - fingers crossed they won't!!

I'm doing little 2 inch square cards with my candy art ~
I ordered wee little square envelopes and can't wait until they arrive. They're so cute!
Of course getting the cards actually made is on hold until I get things sorted out with this machine (as is all other art production type of stuff, phot0-making, posting on etsy, etc.)


In other news, I received a copy of Childhood Wonders, a new book out by National Geographic, which is using one of my illustrations - Cozy Quilt.

Its a sweet book. (My piece is the laaaast one in the book, page 128, if you do the "Look Inside!" thing on Amazon.
Here's another link - to Random House, who has a neat 'look through the book' feature.

And I think my Spaghetti alla Caruso recipe is going to be in a cookbook - not sure of the details yet.

I'm pretty pleased with myself, considering that piece is the first real 'pen and ink plus digital color' whole illustration I tried! Maybe I won't give up on that style quite yet after all ...

And there you have it. I have to go tidy up my workspace, then do some 'coloring' - and praying to the photoshop or computer gods to put everything right. Wish me luck!


CC said...

Would it help if I told you that my Photoshop may be working, but today seems to be national "Murphys Law Day"
around here. Won't bore you with the details, but some where a full moon may
be involved.
Love your bitty candies and CONGRATS on your cook book pages. Ahem, I told you so!!

spina said...

Oh, it's the WORST... when a software won't perform, or you can't print, or you can't open files, or something.... My monitor 'died' in the midst of the 'busy, rush' time last summer..... grrrrrr..... Absolutely the worst... Good luck with that.....

The 'candy' small cards are SO cute. I Love Them! With the tiny, small envelopes, how adorable! And I like that the spaghetti recipe art is going to be in a book. I really like that style... Goodie!

Hope 'the machine' comes out OK. Do you know that interacting with pets reduces people's blood pressure? Ear rubs to kitties, from me, and to calm you....! Have a good day!

Ces said...

Ugh! I hate PhotoShop! I was so frustrated with it the other day. I wrote about it on my blog because it ruined my digital images. Actually it did not ruin the images, I ruined my images in PS. I need to learn it. Maybe read the manual. Hahah! I love your growing collection of candies. My dentist may not, however. He'd expect a series of dental hygiene products after them. Have a great day.