Friday, August 20, 2010

Illustration Friday - Atmosphere

I think this is the most 'atmospheric' illustration I have. It was an experiment with my colored pencils, trying to render what I thought the sky might look like on 'the other side', where all things are possible.

Finishing up a couple of illustration assignments, started some knitting (cowls), and thinking up ideas for new art. I've committed to showing some of my art at a little 'do' here in October, so have to work on some small pieces to show and make prints of. Things are starting to feel in full swing for Fall and Christmas already - is it just me? When you do art to sell for the holidays, its never too early to get started. Time to start thinking about my Christmas card. !!! I know. Can you tell I got up too early and have had way too much coffee already today?

Back to rendering. Hope you all have a lovely weekend ~

(and of course I bumbled this when I uploaded the thumbnail to Illustration Friday, leaving an extra 'http' at the beginning, so it wouldn't link, so I had to do it twice, and I look like an idiot - sorry IF people)


Vicki Greene said...

Love that sky!

Catherine Luce said...

Lovely colours in the sky and cute kitty!

I did the same thing as you with my link so dont worry you're not alone in that mistake.

ArtQwerks said...


Jack Foster said...

Very nice Paula!