Monday, August 23, 2010

Restaurant rendering

Just finished this building rendering for a new client. Another restaurant - surprise!
I used Lyra Polycolors on Stonehenge paper. The size is about 10 x 14.
This one was a little tricky - photos from slightly different angles had to be knit together, and the color and shadows in all of them were different too, so I had to keep those simple and just concentrate on the 'bones' of the building itself. Often the shadow pattern really helps establish form and can give a piece some drama. This one at least had interesting foliage and the palm trees, so that spiced it up a bit.
And the client is happy, so I am too.

Its the first time I've used the Lyras, and I love them. They're similar to Polychromos, being oil-based, but not quite as hard. But they're harder than Prismacolors. And the colors are lovely. And they smell nice too (wood casings).

Its turned hot again, and I can't think. So that's all for today ~


Ann said...

This is lovely! I recognize some of those wonderful Lyra greens. I have a set of Lyras that I really like but don't use very often. My reasoning was that they were only available in sets but now I see that Dick Blick sells them open stock. I should get mine out again. They are pretty pencils too, aren't they.

CC said...

I love the soft texture of your pencil renderings.
I admire your talent and your patience.

Sketch said...

Really nice stucture for a resturtant.