Sunday, August 15, 2010

Illustration Friday - Star Gazing

I've been sorting through some work that's been tucked away - and found this! It just happened to fit perfectly with this week's Illustration Friday theme - Star Gazing - so thought I'd might as well post it.

Working on some assignments, mulling over a picture book idea, thinking about how to frame (or whether to frame at all) my candy drawings, gathering more reference material (aka 'buying more candy'), and feeling sort of amazed that its almost SEPTEMBER. But that means Fall, my favorite season, so that's exciting.

I'm also turning over knitting ideas in my brain - now that I've decided to start in again with the needles, I'm not sure what to make (to sell). Are we sick of scarves? Coffee cozies? Shawls? Do we want knitted wall art? Not sure where the muse will take me.

That's all for now - I have to hunker down for a few days and get some work done. Cheerio ~


CC said...

Delightful picture. Love the fat cat.
And once again, your clever idea of a
Friday "theme". You may be amused to know the code to send this message is
"benes". With the "s" at the end - a sort of Italo/English combo I am translating as

Well dones!!

Jack Foster said...

Wow what a lucky break! you must have been wishing upon a star! Very delightful work. Great character design and adorable stuffed animals.