Thursday, July 15, 2010

Loose Kids and Cats

Still doing the new digital thing, but moving on to kids and other stuff besides food.

You may or may not remember that I did this drawing a while back; but that version was tighter, and just in black and white. I redrew it much looser, and added color. I purposely left it very loose and sketchy, just like I've been doing with the food pieces. It takes a lot of self discipline to not get in there and render! And also, this drawing was done digitally (the drawings of the other food pieces are all pen and ink) using a Wacom. So this is 100% digital.

(click on the image to see it a bit larger)

I tend to work in a muted, or tertiary palette, rather than primaries. So I added those spots of hot pink to liven it up, and balanced them out by using them in a triad - the girl's shoes, the little boy's shirt, and the cup holding the silverware on the right. The blue-green of the chairs is balanced that way as well (although there are 4, not 3). Same thing with the plates, etc. Otherwise the color choices are very intuitive - I'll start with one or two I like, then build from there. I did change the kids' hair color, the table, the plates, etc. a few times to get them to work, but the drawing and actual color application were very 'free'. And fun!

And can you tell I've been to Pier One and Cost Plus recently? ha ha There's a certain 'influence' in the table and settings I think.

While I'm busy with this, here is what the rest of my family is up to ~

Shmoopie - "Whachoo lookin' at?" (way up high on an armoire)

Phyllo counting his money

Willow the Milk Monster (he'd drink a quart a day if I let him)

Saachi the Kung Fu master

And Charlie in the Box (dare him to not fit into any size box, however small)

Yesterday I took my Pulling Up Roots piece in to be framed, and was happy to find a "black" framing material that had a subtle plum-beet color to it, so it compliments the work perfectly. I can't wait to see it all framed up! I'm doing UV/Conservation plexiglass on all my pieces now - even though its a bit pricey its the best thing, and I figure if you're going to do it, do it right. Its been accepted into the UArt Open 2010 (yay!). Which means I will have two of my colored pencil pieces hanging in shows that are sneezing distance from each other - one in Los Gatos (for CPSA), and one in San Jose. Kinda cool.

I also bought some neat still life goodies at the store yesterday that I would like to do in colored pencils. I have an idea to do some smaller pieces, maybe to sell, so I'll post as I go. I have some new pencils too that I want to try - Dick Blicks and Lyras. The Blicks seem very much like Prismacolors, and the Lyras of course are oil based like Polychromos, but a little softer I think. I'll also be continuing on with the new digital work. So I'm busy!

Stay cool everyone - (its 100 and something here today - bleahhhhh, melt melt wilt wither)


CC said...

FIVE cats? You win!!

I love them all and that Saachi and Charlie in the box look a lot like my two. Mine both like milk like Willow, but only get it once in a blue moon. I give them fat free Lactaid milk and you would think it was cream.

I'm making ETSY jewelryright now, but following your illustration work and info closely. I'll be back to it soon.

Phyllo counting his $$$ made me laugh out loud......

Janet Pantry said...

Love your kiddie picture, Paula, I remember it from before. You seem to have that balance of detail and 'looseness' just right - I admire your skills. Congrats also on your exhibits, bet that's a good feeling!

So you have five cats too, same as me! All of mine go mad for milk, the sort designed for cats ~ it's expensive so I ration it too. Charlie in the box made laugh. My Bobbie likes boxes too...and bags...and baskets..and sheets. Hehe.