Saturday, July 17, 2010

Illustration Friday - Breakfast (and a little Ballet)

More with the food. Illustration Friday's theme this week is Breakfast, so thought I'd fiddle with some "morning" food. Still experimenting. On this one I did the lettering with the pencil tool (Photoshop).

On this one I used the brush tool for the type, and added a background.

Same here, and just got crazy with the color.

I'm also still working on developing my digital 'look' for kids. For this one I took an old very tightly rendered colored pencil piece, and redrew part of it in this new style. And I like it so much better. Its fresh and light and clean.

I love to draw, and want these pieces to look like I sat and drew the scene 'live'. I'm finding I have to 'warm up' to draw well (like I do if I'm at a figure drawing session or something), even though I'm technically drawing-over something I've worked out pretty tightly. Does that make sense? I don't want the piece to look 'traced'. So I'm thinking like I do when I draw live, which requires a different set of brain cells than I use when I go sort of numb and trace something. I want the line quality to be alive and interesting, which means there will be 'stray' lines, just like there would be if I were drawing from a model.
I've said too much. I'll do more, and hopefully you'll get what I mean.

Yesterday it was 106 here. omg. Even with a/c, this is how it feels.


Kurtis said...

I really like all three of your breakfast illustrations. Judging by the look of your cat and the 106 temp, maybe the fried egg could have been made on your sidewalk.

sketchbooksafari said...

love love love your illustrations and how your fonts!! it reminds me of the books i used to learn english :)

Janet Pantry said...

Paula these are great illustrations - I love your colour choices. Sounds like you're having fun with this new digi work. Your original ballet girls piece was one of my favourites of yours ~ interesting to see this new take on it.

That pic of Phyllo(?) is so funny - I've never seen my cats lie quite like that, but then it doesn't get that hot over here!
Stay cool! :)

mobyskine said...

i love all three of your illustrations. lovely and colorful :)

roberta baird said...

All of your illustration styles are equally delightful... and kitty looks like he needs an after breakfast belly scratch!

rebecca said...

Love this new loose style, Paula! (And how is it that you are so incredibly profilic? Man, you are SO productive -- always with fantastic results!) And love the kitty pix, too.