Saturday, July 24, 2010

Plum colored, plum tuckered, plum crazy

Its been a busy week, but I don't have a lot of actual art to show for it. Some weeks are like that - lots of other types of businessy chores to do. Still continuing to work on the digital painting samples. The chicken teriyaki above was a good lesson in painting "cooked meat", which can look really dull if you paint it the exact color it actually is. You have to really brighten up meat - raw or cooked - to make it look palatable. I'm still working on staying loose and painterly and intuitive, rather than slow and render-y and analytical like my other work. This bowl was black, but I made it dark plum instead, which I thought was much more interesting.

And speaking of plum colored things, I picked up my newly framed "Pulling Up Roots" piece for the UArt show, and am really happy with how it turned out. The frame has a plum tone to it, which is difficult to see well here, but it really looks good with the art. This picture was taken in the store (making use of one of their easels), which is why it has reflections of big ceiling light fixtures in it! So this is now on its way to San Jose for the show.

And as always, the cats have to have their moment. I'm not sure what I said to Phyllo to make him bury his head this way. He seems to be just a bit overwhelmed. Or plum tuckered out. (had to get 'plum' in there somehow) Maybe I should get him a fainting couch.

And Willow is my new best helper at the computer. Notice he's laying where the keyboard is supposed to be. Rather than move him, I move the keyboard. I know. You can say it.

Mad Men starts up again Sunday night, yay!


Vicki Greene said...

The chicken looks good and your kitty photos are adorable. The framed painting is very, very nice and good luck at the show.

CC said...

Bless you, Paula, you are keeping me sane and laughing this summer. Love your Teriyaki picture and helpful hints on visualizing "meat". The Roots look fabulous and if there's a prize in that show, you are a shoe-in (my expert opinion).
Phyllo's pic had me laughing out loud. And I know all to well about moving the keyboard rather than the cat........
Too much!!

Richard Jesse Watson said...

Paula, fun post. I like your teriyaki picture. You made me hungry looking at it. But even more I like your technique. Your kitty has you well trained. I can relate. Sometimes it is easier to work around them.

Sarah said...

I love these new food drawings-- So Fun! And Willow, very sweet. I don't think you're crazy. My dog likes to sit under my desk and rather than bother him I try to work around him no matter how many contortions it calls for. God forbid I should disturb his comfort for something as mundane as work!

Marilee said...

Paula - I love the use of your new style for your food illustrations! It seeems like they would fit very well in cookbooks or women's magazines. I've noticed a little more illustration work in magazines lately... Country Living has had some watercolors. Hope it's a new trend!

Sandy said...

Food drawings are a favorite of mine and this one makes me hungry. Nice job.

Estelle said...
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Estelle said...

Not crazy at all.
My cat climbed onto my laptop right while I read your post,
-great sense of timing!-
effectively blocking the keyboard, my view onto the screen and trapping my right arm.
I pet her until she had enough.
Only now am I allowed to write this comment!