Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Herding Cats

Today was "flea medicine day". If you have cats, you know what that means. They run. They hear you pop those little tubes out of the foil packet, and off they go ...

"RUN! She has the flea medicine!!!!!!!!"

"No, you won't catch me and put that stinky stuff on me, no no no no no NO!"

Around and around we went, but I won in the end.
This is my Shmoopie, the oldest kitty (15!) and she's always the hardest one to catch.

Of course the joke is on me, because now they'll all want to cuddle up with me in bed, and they'll stink. But at least we won't be eaten by fleas.

Too much info?

Working, sketching, drawing, coloring ... back to being an illustrator for a while.
Bye ~


Katherine Thomas said...

Cute story! Reminds me I need to get flea pills for new dog soon!

CC said...

Thanks for this morning's laugh. I am about to round up my cat boys for claw clipping, also a much hated ritual.

We seem to be living in a somewhat parallel virtual universe, you on the left coast, me on the right.

Carry on!!

Laure Ferlita said...

Yes, the opening of those little packs is like calling out "Game on!!"

And no matter where the cats might be in the house, no matter how deep the sleep, they are instantly awake and looking for a hiding place!!

Thanks for sharing!

Dorothy said...

I love that first picture where the cat is a blue. LOL>

Janet Pantry said...

Sooo funny!! I hate that job. Trouble is you need at least four hands and incredible dexterity to hold one cat down and get the stuff on. Meantime, the other cats have smelt the stinky stuff and done a runner!! Then they hate you for at least three days! Hehe. Love your pics, made me laugh ;)

spina said...

I commented a thank to you for sharing your visit to the Crocker but didn't do the right thing and it never 'went live.' I read with interest the post about the Haggin Museum in Stockton. It's going on the 'to visit' list. Thank you, commenter, Connie. Yep, it's flea time. Although I don't have pets at present, I vividly remember trying to get the stuff ON them and keep it OFF of me. Great photos of cats 'running for the hills!' Super busy weeks recently, behind on email responses, will catch up soon! Sunshine and warm weather to all!

Leslie Hawes said...

"Flee" medicine

Felicity said...

Not at all, I loved this - and the action shots! I hope they forgive you!