Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sistine Chapel up close

© Musei Vaticani

Click the image, or here, to go to the Sistine Chapel for free. When you get there, move and click your mouse around to go up the walls, look at everything up close, spin it around to get a different view, etc. Amazing!
What a world we live in now, to be able to do this.

I always secretly thought the restoration they did took away a layer of something that gave it its 'oomph'. I'm still not quite used to it without that wonderful 'dark' it used to have. But that's just me. Wish Michelangelo was around so we could ask him.

Thanks John Nez for sharing this so I could 'borrow' it!


Vickie said...

Warning, Don't click on any comments in Chinese. My blog was hacked.

CC said...

I disagree. It was meant to be seen in fresh clean color, not centuries of greasy candle
smoke and dust.

spina said...

Whoooaaa! This is absolutely 'spectabulous!' The floors alone are unbelievable. Then you start panning up and around. Breathtaking! I've seen bits and pieces of the art, but never the whole inside of the building all together like this. Thank you so much for sharing, Paula, and Mr. Nez. Yes, it is astounding that, with technology, we can do this. I can't believe I visited the Sistine Chapel today on my lunch break!!

Lori said...

oh my freaking goodness! that was amazeing! took a minute to get my mouse undercontroll!! the ceilings are incredible