Monday, June 01, 2015

new arCATecture works in progress

I'm playing catch-up with my arCATecture kitty drawings. Still trying to finish up the first Up & Downstairs Tabbies series, which I had meant to be done with over a month ago. Oh well. Real life and other work has a way of changing the best laid plans, doesn't it?

The two who are on the board at the moment are the Catley Twins - Edmund and Edwina.
They're both kind of brats. Both decided to stick their tongues out and cross or roll their eyes just as the picture was taken. Their parents (Lord and Lady Catley) were not amused.

Here is Edmund, about half rendered with colored pencils. He is in a traditional Edwardian juvenile sailor get-up. He will get more colored pencil and fur, then I'll do a little Photoshop magic to make some whiskers and put in the banner with his name underneath, like all the other kitties have.

Here's what he looked like on tracing paper. Scary! I had the eyes looking straight out, then over-drew them crossed, and also changed the tongue - all on the same drawing. He looks like Dracula or something (OK, just decided I need to do a Dracula kitty - note to self.) I also flopped him going the other way, so the two will be facing each other in the final art.

And here's his sister Edwina. Same thing with the eyes. I decided to make them rolling up. She has one of those ridiculous over-sized hair bows that all the girls wore back then.

So that's what happening here - cats on the board, and everywhere else.

In other news, my Berry Tart drawing has been accepted into the California State Fair's Fine Art Exhibit. So that's fun! The last time I entered this was in high school, and didn't get in (which I was so steamed about after I saw what did get in that I wrote a nasty letter to the judge - heh).

So I will have two pieces of art in shows this summer (the Fried Egg piece will be in Atlanta for CPSA). Feeling a little puffed up about that, I must admit. Have some ideas for new food pieces - but first I have to finish the kitties! Its soooo easy to get behind with these things, isn't it? Maybe I should do a post about DISCIPLINE . . .

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