Sunday, June 14, 2015

A mouse, cats and sushi

On the board ~

I love mice. This is how I think of them. So its really hard when my cats catch them and bring them in the house. I rescued one from under the lingerie chest the other day, which had been brought in sometime during the night (the mouse, not the lingerie chest ). I managed to corner him and get him in a box, then kept the cats in while I released him back into the shrubberies. I like to think he made it home to his little nest, where he recovered himself with some tea and snacks.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Speaking of bad kitties . . .
Here are the Catley Twins, Master Edmund and Miss Edwina ~

They couldn't resist goofing it up for their pictures. And they both got in trouble for it. Sent to bed without supper, the both of them.
Both have a bad habit of dropping mice and other small creatures off the roof onto the heads of unsuspecting people down below, so be careful if you ever visit Mewton Manor, and are walking around outside - be sure to look up once in a while.
These two are available as prints in the arCATecture shop.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  ~ ~

I had the itch to do some dim sum and sushi drawings. These are all ACEO size - 2.5" x 3.5". 
(ACEO stands for Art Card Editions and Originals. Its a "thing". People collect these, as well as ATCs (Artist Trading Cards). The deal is, ATCs are traded, while ACEOs are sold. They are a nice way for artists to offer original art, and prints, at a more affordable price to people who might be interested in their work.)

And so ~

First up we have a Chinese Potsticker.

Then some Salmon Sushi,

And some Tuna Sushi.

I'm working on a Shrimp one too.

I could eat this stuff every day, that's how much I love it! But I know its not for everyone. So we'll see if anyone has any interest in these. I've put the originals* in the shop, matted; and also have prints available, matted or unmatted.
*The salmon sushi original has been sold.

I'm also adding some ACEO size prints for some of the other art I already have in the shop - the herb drawings, some other food, and some kids book art. Basically, if the art lends itself to be cropped into that size well enough, I'm doing an ACEO of it. It'll take me a little time to do them all, but bit by bit I'll get there.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Its been very hot here. Over 100! I managed to get my two 'show pieces' of art delivered to their respective places the other day, in the 104 heat. One went to the State Fair Fine Art Bldg, and the other went to FedEx to be shipped. Its always hard to say good bye to your art, even if its just for a show. I hope both drawings will enjoy their adventures and have a good time being ogled by the public. I will be glad to have them home again in a couple of months!

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Sharon Vargo said...

How funny, the Catley twins are a great addition to your CATectures!! The sushi looks so yummy, LOOK OUT those Catley twins might eat it up! : o
Great work Paula, love to read your blog!!