Monday, December 10, 2012

New Candy

I've been drawing candy again. I found this assortment of chocolates from around the world at Costco, and you know I did a little silent squeeing as I popped them into my cart. All those shiny wrappers! And ones I'd never seen before! 

This first one is a Witor's NOIR, dark chocolate. omg. Its really really good. It has some chopped hazelnuts (I think) on the top, just a few. Just enough. And that wrapper. It is just too beautiful, with that gold and brown. Yummy all the way around.

I used all Polychromos on this. 

Then this one. Its a Dilettante Raspberry No. 30 chocolate. No. 30? What's that all about? I looked it up on their website but it offers no clue. In fact, it doesn't even have this one listed. So I don't know. But I loved this one too (both the wrapper and the candy).

I used Polychromos and Pablos on this one. They're both on 6" x 8" paper, and larger than life.

They're both in the shop.

There are a few more to do, so in between other projects and assignments I will get to them as soon as I am able. I think I'd better make a trip to Cost Plus too, because they always have good holiday treats to draw. Then there's Whole Foods ... actually I want to go there for my annual mincemeat pie. So many treats, so little time! 


Katherine Thomas said...

I always loved your candy drawings! These are wonderful! It would be so beautiful to have a whole collection of your work grouped on a wall.

TLampert said...

Awesome!! I was just thinking the same thing - a collection of your work grouped together. Very inspiring! :)

Koosje Koene said...

your candies and their wrappers are all time favourites! I love that mysterious nr. 30 raspberry one! And the chocolate one: the drawing is awesome, and the description you gave is mouthwatering!

Sarah Melling said...

I can't remember if I said this already on FB, but these are soooo lovely. I remember your taffy pieces when I first discovered your blog a couple of years ago...I found them to be really inspirational. These affect me the same way. Happy New Year, Paula!