Thursday, November 29, 2012


Last post I said I was working on some teapots. Actually this piece isn't what I was referring to. I'm doing something else "license-y".  But these guys were begging to come to life as a picture book piece, so I obliged.

I've gone back to working on illustration board, my first love. I find the colored pencils go down on this just as well as my beloved Stonehenge paper. The only thing I don't love as much is the 'transferring the drawing' part. You can't see through illustration board, so I can't use a light box. But I manage.

I used a jillion pencils on this. I started with some Inktense and Faber Castell water soluble ones for the background, which got completely covered up, and I'm not sure it was worth the trouble.

Then I used Coloursofts to draw in the woodgrain. Polychromos and Pablos did all the rest of the work. No Prismacolors at all. They're on my list (because they've been breaking so much). And I found I did just fine without them. I love my oil pencils anyway.

These little guys were so much fun to draw! 

Now its onto other art that's queued up, a custom handmade card order, and a few other art bits before the big Christmas push. We're having a couple of big storms coming through, so I'm bracing for that. Have to stock up on the essentials - catnip, coffee, and chocolate - since we may be kind of cooped up for a few days! 


Sarah Melling said...

I love these...I hope they will be part of a whole picture book someday!

Elizabeth Rose Stanton said...

I LOVE these! I agree with Sarah about a possible book :)