Sunday, June 03, 2012

New work in progress

There's not much to show yet, but I thought I'd share my newest piece, in progress.

There's a lot of detail in the background. I'm having fun with it, and will be glad when it starts to really look like something.

Those first layers require so much patience. Mapping out the pattern, applying the first colors, not rushing, not getting ahead of yourself.

I'm doing this with Polychromos on Stonehenge paper.

With this one I debated about just going from left to right, finishing each area completely as I went, or doing it this way - "all over", and one color at a time. On pieces with a lot of colors, like this, where I will be coming back to it in several sittings, I find its better to spread out the application of pencil over the whole piece, rather than do one corner, then come back later and do another patch. That's exactly what happens - it can start to look 'patchy'. Without realizing it, you make subtle changes in how you apply the color sometimes - if you're tired, or whatever. For me at least, spreading what I do in each sitting out over the whole piece makes for a more consistent finish. (I hope that made sense.)

How you do work on a large piece? From one corner to the other, completing it as you go, or spread out around the whole thing like I am on this one?


Beth said...

Well, its difficult to say what it is, but I'm going to take a stab at it and say its a fortune cookie! Am I right? lol...did I win? haha j/k

when I work on large areas with a repetitive pattern, I have to work all over, like you do. My strokes, colors, etc can change from day to day. Can't wait to see more of it!

Sarah Melling said...

Great post! I'm catching up on long over sue blog visits, and it's always fun to see other people's work-in-progress shots.I struggle with he exact thing you're discussing here: I'm often too impatient to layer the whole piece, but when I do take the time, it really pays off. It seems to be taking forever while I'm working, but then all of a sudden the whole thing is done! And when I work on an area at a time, I start to figure out better ways to render as I go, and then the last grapes, or whatever the subject, look better than the first. I think that you, and others who also achieve such nice end results, have an ability to visualize so well the steps to the finished result!

Sarah Melling said...

Oops...make that "...long overdue..."