Sunday, February 05, 2012

knitting square

I've embarked upon yet another knitting adventure ~ Boxes!

Of course my camera battery died just as I started taking pictures. Of course, right? I have more of these finished. I'm experimenting with different yarns and sizes, and different types of lids (or no lids). These two are about 4 inches square, and just happen to perfectly fit a box of my little square cards, which you may or may not remember I was selling a while back.

And which I'll be selling again. I'm doing a shops upgrade and weeding out and spiffing up of things. My knitting shop has been empty for quite a while, and although I have the usual scarves and coffee sleeves in my arsenal, I wanted to wait until I had something a little different to offer before I restocked it.

The boxes were an idea that I was determined to figure out. I did some (OK lots) of trial and error, with a lot of error, and almost gave up. These are knit all in one piece! so no seams. I've seen boxes done in pieces, then sewn together, and thought they looked clunky (no offense to anyone reading here who may have knit one of those). I really wanted to do something kind of architectural and clean.

They have to be knit very 'tight' to create a stiff enough fabric to stand up without support, but I like that they're also flexible. Once I figured out the pattern and technique and made ONE successfully, I was so happy! They aren't particularly difficult (now that I know what I'm doing), but they're not fast, either. I will do a few more, put them up in the shop and see how they do. I have another idea for a braided thing, not like this exactly, but along the same lines ~

only way harder. way harder. If I can make it work I will be feeling pretty special.

Last week I did some computer upgrades, and boy does it feel nice to have everything running more up to speed. I had a guy come over and do the installs for me, and although everything went OK, I was very glad to have him here. Its like taking the car to the 'car guy' - some things are better left to the professionals. This guy was very young and so smart, it was awesome. One of the things I upgraded was my Adobe CS, and so now I have the version that will let you 'publish to ebook' or whatever it is, exactly. Woohoo! Can't wait to get onboard that train. Better a little late than never.

So now its back to the needles for me today. The kitties are enjoying sun naps in the windows and out on the back porch. And Downton Abbey is on again tonight, so life is good.


Teresa Mallen said...

Well aren't you the clever gal?!! No seams eh? I'll bet this took some 'trial and error'. :-) Very creative, lovely colours and with lids even??? Woo-hoo! Looking forward to seeing your braided creations.

Just watched Downton Abbey, told you miracles do happen! LOL Yeah for spoilers...

Lisa Wade said...

I love this idea! It's cool to see something different done with knitting.

I love all your art, Paula! :-)

Maggie Smith said...

wow you Are a knitter - these boxes are so much fun!