Monday, October 03, 2011

House Portraits

a residence in San Francisco, 2011  © Paula Pertile
(click to see this larger)

One of the hats I wear that I don't advertise much is "architectural renderer". 

I used to do a lot of this, some for private clients and some for print, for quite a while. The print clients have sadly largely gone the way of the dodo, thanks to the economy and the end of budgets for hand done art in favor of clip art or photography, or the demise of the publications all together.

So I've decided to dust off my portfolio a bit and start offering my skills to anyone who might need or want a rendering done of their home or business. 

This was done with black colored pencils. You see a lot of black and white building 'portraits' done with pen and ink, which I also do, (and love), but I thought something in black pencil would be a nice change. Its a softer look.

I used my handy dandy black pencil swatch chart I did a while back to choose a range of blacks that would make greyer or blacker blacks - much like how you would use different grades of graphite pencils to control the values in a graphite drawing. For this one I used Polychromo and Coloursoft blacks, and a variety of textures and marks to make the picture. 

I'll be adding more black and white samples, as well as some in color, to my etsy shop in the coming days. These make nice Christmas presents, and now is the time to start thinking about commissioning something like this! If you're interested, please email me. 

** I've added this sample as a Custom 8 x 10 House or Building Portrait to my etsy shop, here.


CC said...

So talented, versatile and witty.

You are a inspiration, my dear!

Melissa B. Tubbs said...

I love your black and white house portrait!! (I guess that's no surprise.) I'm glad you showed your black sample sheet. Black is black for most people, but there is a wide range of blacks--warm blacks, cool blacks and all the colors within them. Love it!

Sarah Melling said...

So beautiful. I have a friend who's an architectural illustrator, but the hard-edged stuff leaves me cold. This is more atmospheric...reminds me of Brian Selznick's soft pencil work. (He's coming to San Jose in a couple of weeks, so I have him on the brain!)

Teresa Mallen said...

I like how the trees 'bleed' over the edges of the paper (doesn't sound so nice but a nice effect anyway). The black pencils yield a different look and here different is good. :-) Best of luck with snagging some Christmas commissions!