Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Paula Drew This

Did you guess? Thanks to everyone who 'played' over on my Facebook page, and congrats to the winners who guessed it right (yes, there was more than one).

This was a lot of fun to do. I used more Polychromos than Luminance - the Luminance put down the first layers, then the Polys came in and did all the fussy work. Working on cream paper instead of white made sense for this. I don't know why I always automatically default to white or natural paper (maybe because I bought some big pads of it and its just 'there', ready to go.)

Actually, I have a little pad of 5 x 7 Stonehenge which has a handful of colors, and that's where this came from. I also have a pad of 8 x 8 square (which I completely forgot about -  I love when I unearth art supply treasures like that!).

When I first opened this box of crackers and decided what to draw, I then had to fish around to find all the letters. There were lots and lots and lots of 'E's and 'A's and other common letters, but no 'W' or 'D' to be found - until I got down to the bottom of the box. Phew! I had to wonder if someone in the factory actually sits there and counts out how many of each letter go into the box.

I have some ideas for other art I'd like to do with these. If I can keep from eating them before I draw them! Ah, well, there are more where these came from.
I wish they had numbers ...


Janet Pantry said...

Brilliant drawing Paula! We don't have those crackers over here in the UK :( They look tasty and fun.

Teresa Mallen said...

Done this already? Wow. I love it. Glad you found the W and the D! And yes, uncovering a forgotten stash of paper (or a forgotten anything) can make my day...even if I don't have a use for it at the moment, just making a find is good enough! :-)

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

Gads I love them!!! :)