Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cheesy Scrabble WIP

I found these Cheez-It Scrabble Tile Crackers in the store yesterday and of course HAD to buy them to draw. Right?

They're regular Cheez-Its with letters impressed in them. I love how they're not all perfect, and some are downright funky. (They all taste good though.)

I'm doing a little "Guess What I'm Drawing" thing over on my Facebook page. If you go there and leave a 'guess' as to what this spells out, you will be eligible to win a free print! I will be giving away a free print of this when its done to the first person who guesses correctly. (And yes, this is a thinly veiled ploy to get more people to visit my page - and all new "Likes" are very welcome!) 

I did this "Guess What I'm Drawing" thing with the last piece, the wasabi crackers, and someone guessed it pretty fast.

This one is 5 x 7 on Cream Stonehenge paper, done with Luminance and Polychromos.


Sarah Melling said...

Oh my gosh, those are too cool...I'm heading right over to see if they have them at my Safeway. Funny, when I saw your earlier drawing (when someone guessed Cheez-its), I wondered why you had the three rows, and even thought to myself that it looked like something from "Wheel of Fortune". Okay, enough rambling, I must guess the puzzle...

CC said...

You are a trip!!
These are wonderful and of course, right up your alley!!

Also love your drawing!!

Teresa Mallen said...

Fabulous so far...think I can guess the first word. :-) So are you liking your Luminance pencils these days? I guess you are if you are using them in this piece. I am picturing people in an old fashioned screened-in porch at a cottage somewhere, playing scrabble with these. It is crazy hot here, all sane people are at a cottage! LOL