Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Make your blog mobile device friendly

(note - the type here is all wonky, sorry - can't get it to play nice for some reason)
I wanted to share a thing I discovered. You can set your blog to 'crop itself' (for lack of a better description) to display on mobile devices. On Blogger, go to the Settings tab and click on Email & Mobile. Click 'yes' on the mobile thing.

Here is a preview of what mine looks like formatted for a mobile device ~

(click to see it bigger)

Why is it pink? Well, the template I chose for my blog is the pink Watermark one. Then I made changes to it in the advanced design thing (taking out the pink), but they obviously don't apply to the mobile thing. So that's kind of a bummer. There's a probably a way around that, but I'm not sharp enough to know what it is. Its not that important. If someone really really wants to read my blog on their phone, they'll just have to bear with the pink background.

I also tried the special 'email to a blog' thing that's on the same page, but couldn't get it to work. Maybe its only for sending from a mobile device? and not a regular email account? I don't know. Over my head. 


CC said...

Thanks, Paula.
I was almost there (I had updated).

Now I need to post something. I've been so
busy doing other things, I've missed most of June. Yikes!

Teresa Mallen said...

Oh dear Paula, it is all over my head! I have just spent more time than I am willing to confess creating a fresh looking blog. Many things left out like networked blogs, thingee for sharing my post etc. Enough for now, my head is spinning. I like how on the mobile device your blog shows up as the basic templete, sheesh...so mine will be orange or something. At least not pink though! LOL

Jenn Falcon said...

Hi Paula,

I just did what you said. We'll see if it works