Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fish Tacos, anyone?

My Wendelito ~

(click to see him bigger)

I took a little too long on this, but I worked out some things I wanted to try. Next time I'll be able to do the same thing, faster. Its all Prismacolors and Polychromos, and a wee bit of graphite. Graphite makes a nice "grey", and sharpens up to a needle point, so can get into nooks and crannies of the paper really well. Sometimes I run a sharpened colored pencil over a sandpaper block to get it super sharp like that. 

This kitty is an homage to my Wendell who I lost a while back. I'm working on a book dummy using this idea, so this will be a sample piece for that as well as a children's book promo piece. I'm posting him everywhere, so apologies in advance if you get sick to death of seeing him every time you turn around for the next few days.

And now I'm off to Taco Bell (seriously).


"JeanneG" said...

The fish looks scared not dead. Fund piece.

CC said...

At last! Of course its delightful.
LOVE the fish tacos....whole fish!

Elina Ellis said...

I LOVE cat's slippers!!! Nice attention to details!

Kendra said...

What a fun piece! I'm chuckling. Love the cat's one white foot and one gray foot!

Jenn Falcon said...

Cute! :-)

Advocate Art said...

Lovely illustration work!

From the Advocate team.