Tuesday, February 08, 2011

miscellany: colored pencils, children's books

The CPSA Explore This!7 entries and winners are now online, here.

And the prospectus for the next International Exhibition is here. The deadline is March 31st! Not sure if I will enter this year, but we'll see.


I just got myself caught up on what happened at the SCBWI Winter Conference, here, on the Official conference blog.
Fun reading!


That's all for today. I have to go brave the WIND and get the car smog checked. Life is fun.


Gillian said...

Thank you for sharing the exhibition with us, Paula. I've enjoyed viewing the artwork immensely. I'm also heartened to see so many entries that are more impressionistic than realistic. CP work is moving on!

angela cerrito said...

I also love Alice Pope's blog!
Good luck if you enter CPSA