Sunday, February 06, 2011

Illustration Friday - "Reverse"

"Looking back" is the same as going in Reverse, right? Well, close enough.

(click to see it a little bigger)

I'm looking in Reverse at some art I did a while back. This was for Highlights. Its also sort of my lame nod to the party atmosphere in the air here in the US today for the Superbowl, which I have absolutely no molecules of enthusiasm for whatsoever. I don't even know who's playing. (Should I not admit that?) I do love the commercials, but will probably watch them all on YouTube tomorrow.

Anyways. This was a Hidden Picture. I can't offhand remember what the hidden objects were, but looking at this I can spot: bowling pin, saw, horseshoe, closed book, rowboat, bone, camera (it has a little strap hanging off of it), and there should be one more, since there are usually 8 things, but can I find it? No. All you Hidden Picture veterans have a good look and tell me if you see anything else, will ya?

This was done in ink and watercolor, and I'm thinking this would be a good piece to practice on to try and do digitally. Maybe with Painter? I'm still determined to get a digital portfolio of children's book pieces together, in a simple style.


** Update - I found it! Its a tomato. See the image below for all the 'erased out' objects.
Thanks for playing!


"JeanneG" said...

I can't see it unless the round package is supposed to be a baseball or basketball.

Patti said...

I see a banana in the shirt!

Paula Pertile said...

Jeanne, the ball in the package is not a 'hidden' object - it has to be something worked into the scene, disguised as something else - nice guess though!

Patti, I think you're looking at the rowboat. :~)

CC said...

Ditto on your SuperBowl sentiments. You could have guessed that. Love your birthday party hidden items pic, but I can't find the rowboat, let alone 8th item ;-o

Indigene said...

Now figuring this out is more fun than any superbowl game, ever! Fun, colorful and inspirational art! :)

Katherine Thomas said...

How fun! I didn't know you did that! wow!

Sarah Melling said...

Love this! When I was a kid, I adored doing the Hidden Pictures in Highlights, and then my kids (now grown) loved them; it makes me happy to know that they still do them in this high-tech world of ours!