Monday, January 31, 2011

Some things change, some don't

I ran across this piece I did from a while back, and had a good laugh.

(click on it to see it bigger)

Check out the guy's cell phone. It has an antennae.
But of course the bratty kid with the 'over it' Mom is something that will never change.

Bored people in line waiting to use the copier. Yep.
An annoying old lady poking the guy ahead of her - why? To go faster? To ask a question?

A creepy clown guy and the girl next to him, trying to keep her distance.

What I think is fun is that you could dress these people in old-timey clothes and put them in an old-timey setting, or do them all up "futuristic", and the people themselves would still be the same.

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