Friday, January 28, 2011

Gouache, with colored pencils

I decided to put this on ebay.

tube of gouache, 5 x 7, Luminance on board

I'm still trying to fall in love with the Luminance pencils. I'm getting there. I used a wee bit of Cassel Earth on this and found it to be dry and that irritated me, but the other colors were fine. Mostly this is white and buff and a few blues and greys and violets.

I just plunked the tube of paint down on a wadded up paper towel, so it ended up being a 'white on white' composition. Then I picked out a scrap of olive greenish matt board, so I could practice doing light on dark. I used to do this well with pastels, but colored pencils behave differently. I've always liked olive for a background color. Its a good neutral - or at least, it works for me.

I'm getting tired of doing photo-real stuff. I still like it, I'm just tired of doing it. This is more satisfying to me right now. I like to draw like I have a brush in my hand - except that its a pencil. Does that make sense?

OK, that's all for now. Carry on.


Sarah Melling said...

Yes, it makes total sense to me. I'm on that "real vs painterly" fence a lot myself. And I've always loved vignette-type drawings like this where the detail/color fades away from the subject and you get to see the sketch "underneath". (And I love the irony of the paint tube done in pencil.) Lovely.

Laura Zarrin said...

This is really beautiful!! I love the color and the texture