Wednesday, December 01, 2010


I finished my entry for the They Draw and Cook holiday recipe contest. Shortbread!

(click to see this bigger)

This was a lot of fun to put together. I did a little demo of it on my website, if you're interested.

I still start out working with paper and pencils, but the final art is all digital.
In the last post I was talking about this 'reindeer style' and how I liked doing it - but that version was pen & ink plus watercolor. I've updated it to be all digital, and I love working this way.

I do try to make at least one batch of this every year at Christmas time - usually a few batches, actually. Its sooo good. It goes well with coffee or tea or milk, and isn't too sweet. I like that its so deceptively plain, but that you can also jazz it up by dipping it in chocolate or sprinkling sugar on top. Go make some!

Let's see, what else ... tomorrow looks like its going to be 'getting the tree' day. That's always fun (kind of NOT). Oh, I know, I sound grumpy. I just wish I had a magic wand to have it all done is all - the "schlepping of the tree and making a mess of needles in the car and house, sticking it in the stand, trying to get it straight, and then discovering all of last year's lights don't work" part of the process kind of makes me nuts. After its all decorated and I can sit with a plate of shortbread and enjoy it, then I'm OK.

Also, I finally received the wee little envelopes to go with my wee little cards I was making, so now I have to squeeze in time to get those all put together.
Fa la la la laaaaaaAAAAA. Tis the season!!
Deep ... breaths ...


Jeanette said...

Its a perfect little visual recipe. I adore the reindeer images. And shortbread! My favourite thing at Christmas, I always make it.

Congratulations on being recognized, its well deserved.

momo-tomo said...

Wonderful! I can't decide which character is the cutest.

spina said...

OK, so you've been very busy lately, and you seem to be doing VERY WELL. Congrats on your blog award. Swear, it's one of the best blogs I read. Funny, informative, inspirational, adorably cute, between the art and the photos of the cats and their adventures... GOOD JOB PAULA!

How cute is this shortbread recipe? I love how the timer is 'tick, tick'ing, and the little reindeer (are they reindeer? or just 'regular' deer?) has 'ear buds' in, grooving on some hot tunes, I think. And I love the reindeer with the glasses, since I, too, am 'sight challenged.' I really like the style too! Glad you're enjoying it! Too cool!

I have never baked Shortbread; love eating it, but have never made it. Maybe I'll try your recipe this year. It is very simple, only three ingredients, and the outcome is SO GOOD. ...dipped in chocolate, OH MY... That sounds super!

Yeah, I know, about the 'fake tree' dilemma. Went thru it last year, before buying a very inexpensive FAKE tree. Think of it this way. I KNOW you are not into having trees cut down unless they're sick or dead. Me either. We need the oxygen... But yet, every year, I spend a LOT of money on a real tree that someone has CUT DOWN, only to toss it out with the trash in two weeks... That tree is NOT trash, that tree ...was... a beautiful expression of life on this planet. Yeah, I know they're grown specifically to be cut down, and I do miss that fresh 'Christmas tree' smell, but I just couldn't do it any more.

Have fun, keep the kitties OUT of the tinsel... and enjoy the holidays!