Wednesday, October 06, 2010

More sugar

Halloween's around the corner, and I am in full candy-inspired mode. I loaded up on 'inspiration' and 'models' at the store the other day and now the challenge will be to not eat it all before it gets drawn!
I don't know what Halloween is like in the rest of the world (or if you all even do Halloween), but here in the USA the shops have aisle upon aisle stocked with nothing but candy - little mini versions of regular 'bars' of chocolates, plus umpteen bags full of cavity-making confections. Its crazy, really. And a little obscene. But I love it.

Here's a WIP of an orange Tootsie Pop -
I'm using Polys and Prismas on Stonehenge, and its 5 x 5.

Here's how it began -

And here are two more taffys I recently finished ~

Strawberry Banana

and Blueberry

The taffys are for sale. I'm doing a series of 5 x 5s on a 6 x 6 piece of paper. Not sure how many I will do, but will continue on for a while - besides candy I have to do some 'regular food' ones to frame, so there's no end in sight for the moment.

I ordered some fancy 5 x5 frames online and love them - but they came with no glass, so I had to go get glass cut special. And they have the nice wire and eye-hook dealie hardware for the backs, which I will be struggling with, I'm sure. A framer I am not. I'm sure there will be a post about all of that coming up soon!

Back to candy for now ~


Gillian said...

These candy pieces are adorable and they suit your style so well. You've inspired me to go out and buy some - erm ...purely for artistic purposes, of course! x

Jeanette said...

I love your series of wrapped candies. The shapes and colours are wonderful. There is something satisfying about drawing wrapped sweets.

I had my eye on some Halloween wrapped candy - perhaps you get them there too - the old fashioned molasses flavoured taffy wrapped in black and orange. Unfortunately I think they taste nasty so there would be no eating for me and we get no tricker treaters as we're in the woods. So it really would be for artistic purposes only.

And I heard that Halloween is outshone only by Christmas in terms of mass spending in North America!

Sketch said...

You most really like candy