Thursday, October 07, 2010

How to Make a Book

I found a wonderful set of videos done by illustrator Lynne Chapman on how to do a picture book. She goes through the process of creating a book from start to finish, using her newest book, Bears on the Stairs, as an example. Informative and fun and entertaining, plus she has that neat British accent!

I'm not allowed to embed the actual video here, but you can click the links which will take you to her blog posts where you can watch them legally, and also look around at everything else she has going on (I love her sketches of people on the train!)

Her blog.
Blog post with first video.

Thanks for letting me share Lynne!

Also, I finished the orange Tootsie Pop.

Can't decide whether to do more candy next, or something more nutritious. Oh, I'll be doing lots more candy, yes, but I also have to get some 'real food' done, so may shift gears for a few days.

The weather is finally turning cool enough to really feel like Fall, so I'm happy. My knitting needles and yarn are beckoning so I'm going to try to work in a bit of knit and purling here and there. I like that it gets dark earlier - I get more productive in the dark evenings.

There's a new yarn - a Malabrigo Rios - which is 100% Merino wool, but also washable. If you know about these things, you know that wool usually 'felts' in the wash. So washable wool is a pretty cool thing. I may have to get some to play with. Oooh, a trip to the yarn store - sounds dangerous! to my checkbook, anyway. We'll see.

Today is a colored pencil day, so better get back to it.
Go watch those videos - they're cool!


spina said...

Yummmm... The Tootsie Pop looks delicious! As usual, great shadows, Paula. You have such a good way with them. They end up looking REAL. Just in time for Halloween trick and treating!

Oooooo.... washable Merino wool. Now how did they do that? Merino is so soft; I love it. Will have to look around down here for that. Still haven't explored our new yarn store here. The note's still stuck to my monitor. Will get to it eventually.

Ear scratches and neck rubs to kitties! Happy Fall!

Fay Akers said...

so how many licks does it take to get into a tootsie pop?

Well done makes me want one.