Wednesday, June 30, 2010

More in the new style

I started doing up the gators from the last post (which I have now deleted) in my usual colored pencil style, and just couldn't work up the 'love'. So did just one, put him in a new scene, and did him digitally. And I had a blast.

To think this style has been sitting there, lurking, inside of me, all this time! Who knew. What's next - texting, a tattoo ... ?


P Girouard said...

Funny yet elegant. Very New Yorker magazine!

Sally Springer said...

Yes!!! This is so right for so many applications. I immediately thought the New Yorker, as well as Patrick.
Go for it, Paula!!

CC said...


I need to get back to this too. You're my

I'm convinced the "secret" is to think differently than when working by hand.
You've convinced me.

Karen Lee said...


Janet Pantry said...

Yes, funny and very different, Paula. Good luck with your new style!

Stephen said...

This is a good art. I like your work.