Thursday, June 17, 2010

Change is good

I've been thinking some about where I am and where I want to go, and to get there some things need to change. But change is good. I have set some new goals for myself, and am full of that new enthusiasm you have when you first set out on a journey. No doubt there will be bumps along the way, but I am determined to get there.

Today I went to the store for milk (whole milk for my one cat who will drink nothing less), and while there remembered I was just about out of my favorite mustard. Only desperate scrapings are left on the sides of the glass jar. Standing in front of the mustard shelves (many many of them I might add - when was the last time you bought mustard? Is it just an American thing, that we have way too many choices?) I was scanning them for the familiar round jar. No round jar. Same store I bought it from last time - but no round jar. Look again, every shelf, side to side, up and down - no round Inglehoffer glass jar. And then I refocused, and looked at the labels, and there it was - in a new oval-ish plastic jar! Part of their description is "With Real Honey". Or at least that's what it said on the old jar. In at least 3 places. They seemed very proud of the fact that it contained real honey. Now, on the new jar, it just says "With Honey". Once. Is it not "real" anymore? One wonders. What would "not real honey" even be?


moreidlethoughts said...

Oh dear! I hate to burst your bubble, Paula(especially as you don't know me!), but plastic containers are anathema to food storage.
As to honey - as a beekeeper I can tell you the chemists have never managed to synthesise honey. Sweet, sticky stuff-yes. But it aint honey, honey!

Gosh! That was rather a rude introduction, wasn't it/ I've been reading your blog for a while now. I think it was, first, the cats that drew me in. Then your illustrations.

Gillian said...

What a charming little sketch. I love to see mundane things brought to life in art.
I agree that it can be confusing and frustrating when a favourite foodstuff changes in some way, whether in ingredients or packaging. How I hate that term 'new, improved'!

Katherine Thomas said...

I love this post. I like your little jars. Funny, how companies change their advertising to try to appeal to different consumers... I usually prefer the old packaging over the new. I want to hear more about your new direction. I'm trying out some new manifestos (for lack of a better word) myself.

spina said...

Oh, I can totally relate to 'changed packaging.' Just recently, couldn't find my lotion that I always use - they changed the label - it was there on the shelf the whole time... Like life isn't confusing enough already... I keep thinking, 'must be flexible, must be open to new things...!'

I want to hear more about your new direction too.

I also loved the 'tour' of your studio in the previous post. All the 'cat areas,' and 'cat beds' and 'cat snack tables,' and cat climbing toys just cracked me up, with actual cats using the areas! So adorable! It was the best. Give 'em all a good rub around the ears from me!