Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ready for CPSA

My Twix Mini piece is back from the framer, and I'm really happy with how it came out. (This is a terrible picture of it, sorry. My wall does not in reality gradate from light blue to pale green - nor does the art!)

I'd almost forgotten what a rush it is to see your art framed. Well, it is for me, at least. A proper framing job always makes the piece look better. I remember my graduation show from art school, with all my selected pieces up on the gallery wall on Sutter St. in San Francisco - wow! I was a 'real artist'. All those drawings and illustrations that had been laying around my studio were all of a sudden 'important'.

I think I might start laying aside a tuppence or two here and there to put into a 'framing fund', and get more things framed on a regular basis - whether they're going into a show or not.
This frame had to meet CPSA show requirements, which, in a nutshell, was "keep it simple". We pondered several "white" mats, as well as which type of narrow black frame - even with "simple" there are a lot of choices! I think the mat we settled on is Heritage White, and although you can't see it here, it compliments the art perfectly.

So now I get to pack this up in my special Airfloat Systems packing crate and send it off to the show.

One little thing I wanted to mention is about pricing your art when you do something like this. We all know a gallery will take its commission - usually 50%, and in the case of this show, 30%. Then you have to figure in framing costs. And for a show like this, crating and shipping. It can add up! The crate alone for this little piece cost $50. I don't know how much the shipping back and forth will be. The framing, as simple as it was, was over $100. (I did spring for UV plexiglass, but it wasn't that much more.) I'm just saying. Be sure you think it through before you name your price, or you'll be the proverbial starving artist.


Janet Pantry said...

Your picture looks really good, Paula. You're right, there are so many choices for framing. A white mount/mat always looks best for drawings I think. I'm like you, I have many drawings unmatted/framed but they do look so good when they are framed.

You're so right too about the costs involved. The expense I had last year getting 2 pics to the UKCPS exhibition makes me hesitant to enter anything this year. People say it can be regarded as a good investment, for the publicity, kudos and all, but I'm not sure.

All the same, your fab pic deserves its place in the CPSA Exhibition, no mean feat, and I'm sure it will look wonderful when its hung there. Kudos to you!

Jeanette said...

Your piece looks wonderful framed. Framing brings art to a whole new realm doesn't it?

This piece will hold its own and more in the CPSA exhibit. Best of luck with it.

And the costs of framing make me seriously consider learning how to do it myself sometimes.

Katherine Thomas said...

Can you really part with this wonderful painting? I would want to keep it after the show, and put it on my own wall at home! It's so great!

Felicity said...

It looks stunning Paula! I can think of a space over here where I'd like to put it! ;) It really makes a difference doesn't it, when it's framed. I had the same experience as Janet, framing a piece for the UKCPS and I'm afraid that was it, never again! I'd be embarassed to admit how much it cost (framing and posting) and I felt very foolish. I had to question what I was getting out of the experience. CPSA is a big deal though, and this will look great at the exhibition - only wish I could see it!

Karen Lee said...

It's wonderful!

Paula Pertile said...

Thank you everyone. I'm glad to know I'm not alone in pausing over the cost of it all!

Katherine - CPSA requires you to put a price on your piece. So if you're not OK with selling it, you don't bother entering the show. :~( I guess you could always price it really really really high - which I will do if there's a 'next time'.

CC said...

Nice frames do not make bad art look better.... only neater. (maybe)
Like putting an Armani suit on a (ahem) less than lovely figure.

Your piece is beautiful and the framing
enhances your work, like a nice hat. ;-)