Thursday, February 25, 2010

Art Licensing

greeting card done for Marcel Schurman (aka Papyrus)

I dreamed about licensing my art last night. You know something is really on your mind when you dream about it! (Like those waitress dreams I used to have back in school, when I waitressed to pay the rent, and then dreamed about waiting tables all night long!).

The reason I was dreaming about licensing, no doubt, is because I listened in on TWO teleseminars about art licensing yesterday.

The first was a licensing class presented by J'net Smith, of All Art Licensing. She is the licensing agent responsible for making Scott Adam's Dilbert character what it is today - BIG. She knows her stuff. I've listened in on a few of her presentations, and have always been pleased with the information she shares.

The other teleseminar was a talk about Branding by Paul Brent, presented through Tara Reed's Art Licensing Info series of seminars. Paul Brent is a BIG name in licensing, and the nicest man, and he shared so much really fantastic information in the seminar. Tara Reed is a licensed artist and super helpful font of information about the whole licensing industry.

If you are interested in licensing your art, I would recommend checking out both Tara and J'net's websites for starters. I have some of Tara's ebooks on how to do repeat patterns and also her product mock-up templates, which are great! J'net has some product templates too, as do other people. (Product templates are 'blanks' of plates, cups, napkins, mugs, shower curtains, etc. etc. etc. for you to apply your art to to show manufacturers how your art would look on their products, so they will get all excited and license your art.)

greeting card done for NobleWorks

This is just a really brief post about all of this - I'll probably come back from time to time and share more info as I delve into this more. In the past I've licensed my art for greeting cards to a few companies, but would like to do a lot more. I'm quietly working behind the scenes to put together some collections and a body of work just for licensing.

I'll add some links to sites and blogs here in the next couple of days.

But for now, its off to work I go!


Tara Reed said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the Branding Teleseminar with Paul Brent and the other things we offer at Who better to learn from than an artist who has been through the process so successfully!

I feel like a ship's captain - finding all these amazing people to come on board and share their knowledge or learn about the industry I love.

Your work is amazing so keep learning and implementing and you will go far!

Tara Reed

Paul Brent said...

Thanks for joining us at the tele-seminar last night. You have wonderful artwork and a lot of talent. You should go far in art licensing. Pual Brent

Connie said...

Good for you! It all seems sort of overwhelming to me--can't figure out the first step. Oh yeah--I think it's "creating a whole line of work."

Paula Pertile said...

Thank you Tara! Thank you Paul!

Brenda said...

Hi Paula,

I love your character style! You are able to apply well to people and animals I think that would be hard.

As part of the follow up from that telesiminar we attended - would you be interested in supporting each other's focus group?

Marion Eldridge said...

This is great, Paula! Love what you are doing. Looks terrific! And, thanks for sharing this information.

Paula Pertile said...

If you email me we can talk about the focus group thing. There isn't a way to reach you through your blogger profile.

Marthann's Musings said...

Great information. I love your work. I took a mandala class from Carla McConnel last summer. I know she is also active in the CPSA
Love your blog pages

Paula Pertile said...

Thank you Marthann!- again (like Brenda, above), I would reply directly but can't find an email address for you.

Stacey said...

I just wanted to say that I'm rather new to your blog, but have been subscribing to the RSS via my iPhone. I find you to be a true inspiration to one aspiring art student.

Leyla said...

Hi Paula,

I just visited your blog and looked at your art work, which is terrific! I also enjoyed the video of the ART Creatures...
Thank you for linking to my blog... I have to get busy and add your link to mine too. Cheers!

Leyla Torres