Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Check this out. Its a movie shot from a streetcar going down Market Street in San Francisco a few days before the big earthquake in 1906 destroyed most of the area. Its a trip.
And I thought the traffic was crazy there now.

I've been in a weird place, art-wise, lately. Working on different things. I've also been distracted by the Olympics and triple loops and those mogul skiers who look like they're wearing pajamas. And am just a little disturbed at how Bob Costas doesn't seem to age.

Green things are sprouting in my yard, so Spring must be on its way (I'm in California, remember- no snow here). It looks like I will have a lot of roses, hydrangeas and figs, at the very least. One bearded iris has already bloomed and faded out, and the camellias are going crazy.

So I'm kind of hunkered down and hibernate-y. Maybe I'll have some new art to show pretty soon.
Go USA!!


Janet Pantry said...

What a fantastic video, Paula, and taken just days before the earthquake too! I also checked out the London 1927 one too (I was born in London), fascinating. Thanks for the link. Have you seen Google Street View? That's worth a look too, not video but you can see major cities/towns at street level in a continuous photo stream.

I envy your climate there, flowers already! It's 6 degrees Celsius here today and we have snowdrops just poking through now - well, it's a start! :)

Dorothy said...

That video is wild. Market St. is such a free for all, no traffic rules whatsoever.

We have hyacinth blooming and calla lilies.

Margaret Bednar said...

What a hoot! Thank you for this video and your blog. Love your sharing and your kitties.