Saturday, December 19, 2015


Christmas is upon us! I wanted to do a little update before I check out for a bit.

We've had some nice rain, which is so badly needed here, but last week one storm was accompanied by some super wind, which pulled over one of my gates and a bit of fence. No real harm was done, thankfully, and its all fixed now, but it was just one more thing in an already busy time of year that wasn't really needed. My curious kitty Phyllo came out to help me inspect the damage (while all the other cats stayed in where it was nice and warm and dry and not windy). I can always count on my little buddy here to help me out, especially if its anything going on outside.

Recently I finished a horse portrait for an old friend. She's my original roommate from college, and her husband commissioned me to do a drawing of her special horse for an anniversary present. I kept saying "I don't do horse portraits!" but then I relented, and did it, and she was really happy with it. It s all done with colored pencils. Corey is such a sweet looking horse, and he was a pleasure to draw.

So I guess now I 'do' do horse portraits, if you're interested. I've always done house portraits, and special food pieces, but will have to work out my prices for animal portraits and do a page on my website.

In the last post I was talking about my Drawings of Knitting coloring book. Its doing pretty well, and I'm excited! Thank you! everyone who's bought a copy. I hope people like it, because I'd like to do more in a series. 

And now comes the lame part of this post. I had this special Christmas art all worked out and planned to have it done to make cards and all, but is it finished? Noooooo. 

She's a Russian baboushka kitty, all decked out for the holiday. 

© Paula Pertile

I'll finish her up and just post it late I guess. This is what I get for putting off doing my Christmas art until the last minute. When will I learn? WILL I ever learn? 

So I hope you have a really nice Christmas (or Festivus, or whatever else you might be celebrating), with warm cozy beds and yummy food and and good health and happiness. 
See you next year!!


Melissa B. Tubbs said...

Love your update! Beautiful horse portrait--Yes, you do them.:-) I finally stopped trying to do Christmas art because everything else took priority. I did try making my Christmas card a New Year's card, but even that has fallen by the wayside. You're not alone by any means!!

Lisa Wade said...

Paula, what a gorgeous drawing. You are so talented!
Merry Christmas :-)


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Love the wood and natural light integration!
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